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Physician Specialty


Officers and Staff


Robert S. Armstrong, M.D.

Vice President, Co-Chair Health Law Committee

Stanley J. Pietrak, M.D.


Kenneth H. Eckhert III, M.D.


Rose Berkun, M.D.


John A. Gillespie, M.D.

Immediate Past President

Willie Underwood, M.D.

Past President

Committee Chairs

Todd Demmy, M.D.

Chair, Medical Services

Iris R. Danziger, M.D.

Committee Chair, New Physician Practice

Gale R. Burstein, M.D., MPH

Committee Chair, Public Health

Gordon P. Tussing Jr., D.O.

Committee Chair, Practice Management

Edward K. Bartels, M.D.

Councilor 8th District Branch, MSSNY, Past President

Michael Licata, M.D.

Committee Chair, Ethics

Office Staff

Tineke Hall

Director of Membership Services

Emily McMullen

Director of Communications/ Publications
BULLETIN Editorial Assistant
MSCE Conference Center Contact
Workers' Compensation Applications

Christine C. Ignaszak-Nadolny

Executive Director

Executive Staff

Mark Lema, M.D., Ph.D.

Past President

Eugene Kalmuk, M.D.

Past President

Raymond Paolini, M.D.

Chair, Delegate , Past President

Ernesto Diaz Ordaz, M.D.

Delegate, Chair Elect