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Legislation (S.6800/A.8516) to significantly expand the medical malpractice statute of limitations was the ONLY bill that passed the State Senate and Assembly in 2017 that has NOT yet been acted upon by the Governor! 

Based upon a quirk in our State Constitution, Gov. Cuomo has until the end of January  to consider the legislation. 

All physicians are urged to contact the Gov. to urge him to veto this legislation. You can send a letter to the Governor here and/or call 518-474-8390.

Urge him to work to develop comprehensive legislation that addresses the many deficiencies of New York’s malpractice adjudication system.

 (NY overwhelmingly has the highest medical liability costs in the country.)

The bill would significantly expand the time to bring a medical malpractice lawsuit, in circumstances based upon an “alleged negligent failure to diagnose a malignant tumor or cancer.”


Moreover, given that there will be ongoing discussions with the Legislature regarding the ultimate disposition of S.6800, physicians are urged to contact their local Senators and Assemblymembers to:

  • share their concerns about the impact of this legislation to access to patient care in their communities, and
  • urge them to work towards the enactment of comprehensive medical liability reform.



To Our Executive Director

Christine Nadolny

On Receiving the Medical Executive Lifetime Acheivement Award

from the American Medical Association (AMA)

at the AMA Interim Meeting this weekend in Hawaii.




Please Check Out New NYSDOH Website to Ensure Your Info is Correct 

The New York State Department of Health, together with the NY State of Health, this week announced the launch of the NYS Provider & Health Plan Look-up, an online tool that consumers can use to research those health insurance plans with which a physician (and other health care practitioners) participates.  It also lists practice locations for each physician.  Previously, a consumer would have to go to the website of each health insurance company to determine if a physician participated with a particular plan.

Physicians should take the opportunity to go to the website to see which health plans they are listed to participate to determine if there are inaccuracies in their listings.  According to a recent MSSNY survey, over 50% of responding physicians indicated that they were inappropriately listed as a participating provider on a health insurer’s website.

The most efficient way to report an error is for the physician or someone on his or her behalf to select the Contact Us button on the website.  Then select the health plan and the reason for the contact.  The issue will be routed electronically to the DOH and to the selected health plan(s) for review and follow-up.


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Recent news stories are shining a spotlight on the dangers of unstable medical liability insurers. Many healthcare professionals are rightfully concerned and are switching carriers.

Choose MLMIC, and stop worrying about what might come next.

As New York’s #1 medical liability insurance provider, MLMIC has been supporting physicians, hospitals and dentists in our area for more than 40 years. We have a proven reputation for stability. Find peace of mind at a reasonable price.

Sign up or renew by May 1st and you may even qualify for a 20 percent savings.*

Learn more about what MLMIC can do for you.  Call (888) 609-2393 to speak with a MLMIC representative today.

*The 20 percent dividend applies to policyholders insured on May 1, 2017 and who maintain continuous coverage through July 1, 2017 and is based upon the annual rate of premium in effect on May 1, 2017. The dividend will be paid as a credit on your July 1, 2017 renewal policy invoice.


Attention Members:

For your review are the Erie County Community Wide Guidelines for ACUTE PAIN MANAGEMENT as recommended by

The Erie County Department of Health, The Erie County Medical Society, and the Erie County Opiate Epidemic Task Force.

Erie County Community Wide Guidelines- ACUTE PAIN MANAGEMENT




Interim Care for  Pain Management Patients 

Click link below to access information developed for physicians and their medical practices:

 Interim Care for Pain Management Patients

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